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Am/Can Ch Buck Hollow’s Reflections Am/Can CD MH

April 24, 1995 - August 6, 2001

GSPCA—Versatility Certificate Advanced

Written August 7, 2001

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Hazel. She was only 6 years old.










It has been a traumatic experience that I want to share so that possibly no one else will have to go through it.

Hazel (Am/Can Ch Buck Hollow's Reflections Am/Can CD, MH, CGC - owned by Julia Carroll & co-owned by the Fairs) was at her peak last spring. She was consistently placing in Field Trials in New Jersey, Delaware and Penna. We had such high hopes. In the fall she seemed to have lost her stamina; she was still working well, but would run out of steam toward the end of the run. OK not a big deal, right? Wrong! Hazel was the kind of dog that would do anything for you. She amazed us frequently with great performances and continued to try even though she was ill and we didn't know it.

By the end of January she was vomiting and not eating (the onset of these symptoms was very sudden). At first our vets thought she may have gotten into anti-freeze because the kidneys were failing. Since I was absolutely positive that that could not be the cause they humored me by doing tick diseases blood work. The Lyme titer came back off the charts. By this time the damage to the kidneys was done and they were functioning at only 20%. They gave her 30-60 days. With a lot of TLC she made it 6 months, but in recent weeks lost almost 25% of her body weight.

Our vets have seen 6 more cases like this and are thinking it may be a new strain of Lyme which goes right to the kidneys. Half of those dogs were gone within days. Hazel lived longer than any of the other dogs, but her age and conditioning may have helped.

Our GSPs are so stoic. They often won't show a problem until it is too late.

Don't wait if you see a major change in behavior (pain aggression) or physical condition...get it checked out.

Please protect against ticks with Frontline or natural products.


Lyme disease is spreading westward and all our travel & comingling isn't helping.

Check this map from the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/lyme/riskmap.htm

Remember this tracks predicted incidences of Lyme in people & our dogs gather far more ticks than we do.

Remember Lyme disease is not always flu or arthritic like symptoms - - - sometimes it is far worse. 

Lastly, hug all your dogs today in memory of Hazel since sometimes we don't have them with us long enough.