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Buck Hollow’s Puppy Placement Policy


Buck Hollow has a very stringent policy for placing puppies. Therefore, we do as much as we can prior to the sale of the puppy to determine if a potential buyer will provide a good home for our puppy, if a potential buyer will make a commitment to love and care for the puppy for its entire life, and if a potential buyer is dedicated to maintaining the health of the dog for its natural life.

We do not place any puppy with anyone who does not take the time to complete our questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire does not guarantee a puppy, but it does give us a starting point to determine if a buyer has the kind of home and passion for dogs that we look for. Submitting the questionnaire is the first step in becoming an owner of one of our puppies.

We place very few dogs in breeding homes, and usually only with established, reputable breeders. The chance of careless or negligent breeding is very high, and we don't wish our puppies to be part of a casual or accidental breeding. Our belief is that the only reason to breed any dog is for the betterment and improvement of the breed. Therefore, we sell pet puppies on AKC’s Limited Registration and request that they be spayed or neutered before two years of age. The Limited Registration can be lifted after the puppy has been re-examined by us and deemed to be show quality since not all puppies exhibit their show potential immediately.

Don't forget the “pick” puppies need to be decided upon first, and often this is not finalized until the puppies are 7-8 weeks old. We reserve the show/competition puppies to go to serious competition homes. Then we will suggest puppies we think are suitable for your situation bearing in mind the temperament of the puppy and your family lifestyle. We do not rate puppies as 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick; rather we want to match puppy personality & temperament to the proper home for the puppy.

We do not accept deposits until a litter is born and we know how many of each sex are available. At that time we contact all of the interested parties who have taken the time to return our questionnaire and request a refundable deposit. Deposits are refundable until the first visit after the puppies are four weeks old at which point the deposit becomes non-refundable. We do require visits by the entire family. Very rarely will we consider shipping a puppy.

We hope that our policy does not offend anyone. We are only trying to do the best for our puppies that we are able to do, and we have therefore set up guidelines for us to follow. If you are seriously interested in knowing more about our puppies and possibly owing one, please contact us and complete our questionnaire.


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